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.NET Gotcha: A Generic Error Occurred in GDI+

F# / .NET: Gotcha's

This is one of the biggest, most painful errors I've ever seen in my life. There's absolutely no direction this error can take you.

Here's the thing: GDI+ doesn't really report any errors it encounters down the stack properly. They're all "Generic Errors".

So, some things to look for:

  • Is the resource disposed? If you have a Using / using / use, and you try to access the resource outside of that scope, you'll probably get this error.
  • Calling to .Save? There's a whole list of stuff for that. If you get this error when calling .Save on an Image / Bitmap / etc., you might want to check any and all of the following:
    • Does the directory exist? GDI+ won't create it.
    • Do you have permission to the directory / file? GDI+ won't tell you if that's the problem.
    • Did you dispose of the MemoryStream? That'll be a generic error. You'll want to make sure you save before disposal.

There are many, many more, and I'll be updating this list as time permits.