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F# Gotcha: Giraffe Task "FS0708"

F# / .NET: Gotcha's

If you are a user of Giraffe with ASP.NET Core and F#, you might have come across the following error:

FS0708: This control construct may only be used if the computation expression builder defines a 'Bind' method

This happens if you try to use a let! expression inside a task computation expression:

task {
    let! x = ...Async()

The problem here is that task as a computation expression doesn't define a "Bind" method, from what I can tell. There is, however, a quick workaround:

open FSharp.Control.Tasks.V2.ContextInsensitive

For some reason, this open fixes it. I assume that it allows the async computation-expression version of the Bind to be used, so that the code above works.

There's been discussion around this, from what I can tell, but it hasn't really resolved this issue, not sure if it's a version thing, or entirely unrelated: Q: remove async await bind from task {}?.

The Giraffe folks do a great job, so I want to make sure you can work around this particular issue if and when you encounter it.