using Programming;

A Blog about some of the intrinsics related to programming and how one can get the best out of various languages.

About this Blog

What is Using Programming?

Using Programming is a blog about some of the hidden features of various languages, not-so-obvious optimization strategies, and other ways you can take advantage of various languages and their particular gems. This blog is not exclusive to any one language or framework, I'm going to cover things based on what I run into in my day-to-day work with various languages.

There will probably be a higher quantity of .NET (Visual Basic, C#, ASP.NET) and JavaScript posts simply because that's what my full-time job is in, and what my pet projects are in, but never-fear! I will be making posts on all languages I run into.

Why was the name "Using Programming" chosen? 

The name Using Programming is a two part name. First, it's a play on the C# style of including additional types from additional namespaces in your code. Second, it stands for the ideal of this blog: to help developers get the most out of their programming experience. 

So how do I take the most out of Using Programming?

The best way to use this blog as a resource is to simply try and experiment with what concepts I am drawing out. Everything I run into and blog about I will attach source-code for, so that you may try the exact same experiments that I have done, to help you see exactly how these things work. Some of the optimization strategies I will be going into may be of significant importance to you, and as such you may find the source-code much more usable.

What can I expect to see on Using Programming?

I'm going to try to follow a few guidelines here on Using Programming:
  • All posts will have a summary at the top to indicate a little bit about the topic;
  • All posts related to a language feature will include a digression on what problem the feature is designed to solve, and why it needs solving;

How is the source code licensed?

I will be placing all source-code on GitHub under the MIT license. You may do anything you wish with it and redistribute it at your heart's content. The only request I make is that you include credit where credit is due.

How often is Using Programming updated?

I'll be attempting to make posts at least once-a-week to keep users informed on all the things I've run into. Do note, however, that I may not be able to guarantee a post each week, so don't fret if you don't see a post for a week or two, I promise, I'm still around.

Where can I find examples?

Source code for all articles can be found over on GitHub. You are free to use them to your hearts content, and may do anything you wish with them. I don't guarantee that they will be following best practices, though I do guarantee they cover the text of the article they represent fully.